Our Process

We understand that ordering your wedding flowers can be a daunting experience. You’ve never ordered flowers for an event this size before, you have no idea what flowers cost, you don’t know what flowers are available, or even in season… the list goes on!

Our process starts off with an initial consultation.This is followed by a detailed and personalized quote. Our typical weddings involve 2-3 meetings, including the initial consultation and our follow-up Design Consultation. Small weddings will usually require 1 meeting. Large weddings can require 3+ meetings and a site visit.





Initial Consultations

Our Initial Consultations are a chance for us to get to know each other. They can be on the phone or in person in our Oakville Studio. These consultations are complimentary, and a great way for us to create a personalized quote for you.

Here are some things to come prepared with:

  • Wedding elements that you have already decided on. This is anything that can give us some design cues (including images of your your wedding dress & bridesmaid dresses, invitation suite, stationary, linen selection, etc)
  • Design inspiration images (a Pinterest board is great for this) These can be photos you love that just evoke a feeling, they don’t need to be of specific flower arrangements
  • A potential floor plan/table layout of the reception. If you don’t have this, a table count will do!
  • Your budget. We know talking about money can feel a bit, ikcy. But sharing a general budget or even ballpark is a good way for us to get the ball rolling

We kindly ask that you please limit the number of people that you bring to the consultation. We know (hope) everyone is excited about the flowers, but it’s easier to get the ball rolling when we can get a clear idea of what YOU want! (Plus our sweet little studio office is pretty cozy). Maximum 3 people please!


To book a consultation shoot us an email: weddings@sweetwoodruff.ca